Surf Music in Paradise 2020

28 October, 2019

It’s time to talk about something uniquely tailored for the music lovers, the surfers, and the folks who generally love to have a good time in tropical utopias.

Prepare yourself for Surf Music in Paradise 2020, a subsidiary of the world’s largest surf travel network, The Perfect Wave Travel. Founded in 2011, Surf Music in Paradise (SMIP) was initiated with the mission of creating “really cool, totally unique, exclusive experiences” for surf and music lovers alike.

“Surf Music in Paradise fuses a love of the ocean, and music, in one unique offering.”

What exactly is SMIP?

To get a better idea of the SMIP experience, picture yourself on holiday at some of the best surf resorts in the Maldives and Indonesia, your days filled with fantastic surf waves and remarkable dive sites, and your evenings with tropical sunsets as the backdrop for the most intimate gigs by Australian music legends.

A fond throwback of SMIP 2019

Before getting into the wild ride that is SMIP 2020, let’s take a quick moment to look back on and cherish the busy year that was SMIP 2019.

Bernard Fanning, Australian frontman of Powderfinger who was nominated several times at the APRA Awards, played three exclusive sunset gigs in the Maldives this year. Truly, a special week at the beach for a stripped back experience of his music.

After Fanning, SMIP welcomed one of the move inventive, lyrically smart, and fun rock-n-roll bands Australia has ever produced – the Hoodoo Gurus.

Nightlife at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Cultural Performance by the Beach at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

With their wicked sense of humour, the Gurus played two unforgettable sunset shows in the Maldives backed by the sound of the perfect waves of Kandooma Right.

Australian music royalty

2019 also hosted the legendary Jimmy Barnes for his third visit to the Maldives where he was joined by his beautiful and talented family, including his daughter, soul queen Mahalia Barnes, and son, singer and television presenter, David Campbell.

The Sunset Deck Area at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Singers Performing at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Singer Performing at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Barnes, one of the most popular and best-selling Australian music artists of all time, celebrates 14 Australian Top 40 albums with the rock band Cold Chisel, 13 charting solo albums, and nine No. 1s.

Evenings at the Sunset Deck in Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Live Music at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

His most recent album, My Criminal Record, was also recently nominated for ARIA Award for Best Rock Album and has made him the artist with the most chart-topping albums in Australian chart history.

Guests at the Sunset Deck in Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Band Performing in the Sunset Deck

You can never have too much of a good thing, which is why SMIP is bringing back the Scottish-Australian rock singer/songwriter for his fourth series of concerts in the Maldives.

Holiday Inn Resort Maldives Sunset Deck Aerial View

Did you know? The Sunnyboys want you in the Maldives.

Here’s one more band for you, just to keep things interesting. SMIP 2020 is proud to present you the surf holiday of your life with a pumping Sunnyboys soundtrack.

The Sunnboys, who sold out Sydney’s Enmore Theatre, will be performing loads of shows across select venues in 2020 and are expected to sell out as it’ll be their 40th anniversary celebration. (Of course, their SMIP gigs in the Maldives will be the highlight.)


SMIP and their partners in the Maldives and Indonesia work tirelessly to deliver the most epic surf holiday you can imagine. These music- and surf-packed weeks are the moments with your family and friends that you’ll always remember. What’s more, SMIP’s resorts are simply perfect for families, surfers, divers, or the ones who generally love to turn on their groove at intimate concerts on the beach.

If it’s starting to sound like SMIP has everything to do with great music, great surfing, and an overall great time with great people, then you’re exactly right. That’s what SMIP is all about, and it might just be the greatest surf music holiday for you, too.

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