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1 March, 2020

The beauty of the Maldives draws guests and travelers from all over the world, and from different backgrounds, experiences, and religions. And for Muslim travelers, plenty of school holidays are just around the corner, which is the perfect opportunity to have some family time in the tropics and recharge before the Holy month.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable (almost like they’re at home) when they’re on vacation so today we’re here to talk about how, for our Muslim guests, there are plenty of ways resorts in the Maldives can offer you a great halal (حلال‎) holiday.

The first thing you might be wondering about is your ability to perform your daily prayers while on vacation, but we’ve got good news for you. In the Maldives, every resort will have a mosque on the island that holds daily prayers and Friday prayers so you won’t miss a single one. They’ll also have prayer mats and Holy Qur’ans available on request for your convenience.

Lush Greenery in Kandooma Fushi

Exterior of the mosque at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives.

Entrance of the Mosque in Kandooma Fushi

Entrance of the mosque.

Mosque in Kandooma Fushi

The mosque is one of the oldest in a resort in the Maldives and is named after Islamic scholar Uz. Jameel.

Next, if little (but important!) things, such as having a hand shower and staying in a villa with the Qibla (قِبْلَة‎‎), are things you’re concerned about or looking for, just ask your resort – many will already have them or can provide them on request. Don’t be afraid to check with and ask your resort for what they have on offer. Let us make things easier for you.

Now let’s talk about food. In terms of halal dining options, you’re in for a treat. You know what they say: a happy tummy is a happy guest! We have select Arabic cuisine offered at the buffets but are happy to customize dishes off the menu on request. And during Ramazan (رمضان‎), we even have special Sahūr (سحور‎) and Ifthar (إفطار‎) meals available on request, or you could join our resort colleagues and enjoy Ifthar with them at the mosque.

BBQ Meat at Holiday Inn Resort Maldives

Now let’s talk people, because sometimes it’s the people you meet when you travel that you’ll remember fondly. You’ll find a lot of resort staff who can help make your vacation that much easier, such as the ones who can speak Arabic. There are also female F&B servers ready to help you during your meals; female Kids Club attendants who will guarantee your kids are safe, happy, and having fun; female recreation attendants available on request to help you feel at ease during excursions; and even female security colleagues whose main job is to literally make sure you are safe and sound. So, worry not – we’ve got you covered!


You’ll find there are so many things to do in the Maldives, you might not be able to decide! From relaxing at the spa and snorkeling excursions, to motorised and non-motorised watersports, diving, surfing, and shisha, we promise it’s hard to get bored here. But for Muslim travelers, we also have private excursions available to book, which are a great option for families.

Last but not least, like we touched on in our blog about family vacations in the Maldives, plenty of resorts have rooms that are specifically for families like two-bedroom family beach houses, which simply means more space and more comfort for everyone and the kids.

It’s an amazing thing to see such a diverse range of travelers from all backgrounds and religions who come to experience the beauty of the Maldives. And for our Muslim travelers who believe that traveling should be purposeful, these are just a few ways that resorts in the Maldives can help you feel more comfortable in your journey.

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