Wave Energy

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University together with the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Maldives and Kokyo Tatemono Company Limited of Tokyo, Japan initiated a wave energy project in Maldives on the famed surf break “Kandooma Right” located steps from our resort.

The preliminary phase of this project is expected to commence early 2022 and will generate 20 kilowatts of electricity, which amounts to 2% - 3% in diesel consumption used for the power generators and will ultimately be increased to 20% - 30% in the future, from the Wave Energy Converter units.

This sustainable form of energy will continuously be generated irrespective of time of day or weather conditions and help the resort reduce our carbon emissions. When implemented across the Maldives, the use of sustainable and clean energy will be highly beneficial, given how susceptible the Maldives is to the effects of climate change.

Learn more:

• OIST installs wave energy converter - watch here
• Press releases (OIST to Harness Energy from Ocean Waves in the Maldives)
OIST Wave Energy Project.

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