Island Wellness Diaries: Wellness Check

13 June, 2020

Happy Global Wellness Day 2020! Wellness is about viewing aspects in our lives as small puzzle pieces that, when brought together correctly, create the larger wellness picture.

Today I wanted to share a quick wellness check that you can do for yourself to discover which areas in your life are in balance and which areas maybe need a little extra love.

So grab a notebook and pen and write down a few points for each of the following aspects of your life. Try and think of some positives and negative beliefs that you feel and that come to mind for each one regarding your life specifically. Think of all the things you currently do or experience in each of the categories and list them.

Global Wellness Day Graphic

Now once you’ve completed that, look at your list. Compare how many positives with how many negatives, and begin thinking of the reasons behind why they were positive or negative. Does it feel balanced to you?

This exercise is simply about getting you to realise how you view parts of your life. Once we understand how each of these pieces impact the overall picture, we work towards complete wellness.

If you would like to dive deeper in to this assessment and others and begin working towards complete wellbeing please contact me to schedule a holistic wellness check. I hope you feel lighter and brighter already!


Courtney is an internationally accredited 500 hour yoga teacher with a background in nutrition, health and wellness. Her passion is to help people slow down, reconnect, go within to experience life to their fullest potential. She is our resident yoga teacher at Kandooma and travel/wellness blogger. Contact or follow her journey on Instagram @theholistic_yogi or check out her holistic health and wellness retreats at

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