MJ’s Trip to Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives

8 July, 2021

There is nothing better than spending your holiday on a relaxing island in the Maldives.

As travellers, we were suffering from the pandemic for a long time, and we were scared to take the risk and travel during the unstable conditions. However, the Maldives was our best choice during this hard time.

We left our home country in the last days of Ramadan so it was the most peaceful time of the year. Once we reached the island we could hear the Athan of the Alassar prayer. There is a mosque on the resort, and prayer mats and the Holy Qu’Ran are available on request for prayer. We enjoyed our stay in the last two days of Ramadan and during Eid. The Eid prayer was fantastic; all the workers and even some of the guests joined the prayers. The meals and the food were available all the time for Iftar and Sohour. The most important thing for us when we travel is to know whether the food in the target country is halal or not. However, in Maldives, we are always comfortable since we are sure that everything is 100% halal.

Also, what we loved about being there is the friendly staff. They are always there for you and for your children. You can feel free to let your children go around since the security guards are everywhere to assure the guests’ safety. Moreover, the adventure trips there are so exciting and safe. We went on more than one trip such as: snorkeling, sandbank, Dolphin Cruise, Turtle Point Snorkeling, and the Sunset Cruise. All of them are 100% safe and so exciting. Also, we had them all private, which was special thing to feel indeed.

Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives was simply AMAZING, special, and Muslim-friendly for all Muslim travellers. Also, the rates of all the services were so reasonable comparing to the high quality of the service there.


MJ are based in Kuwait and are the only traveling couple in the Middle East and Gulf countries. MJ are marketers and content creators who travel to work with different resorts and hotels. Check out more of their travels and explorations on their Instagram @travelcouple.mj.

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