How to stay festive in the Maldives

7 February, 2023

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year and that means planning your ideal family festive vacation. Have you ever considered the Maldives? Now’s your chance.

Here’s how you can stay festive in the Maldives.

A complete family holiday, but make it tropical.

Why the Maldives? Maybe it sounds like an unorthodox way to spend the holidays – on lush, white sand beaches, surrounded by clear turquoise waters. Rest assured, the Maldives should be your next holiday destination because you’ll still be able to enjoy all of your festive family traditions – just on a heavenly little island.

The festive season is all about spending quality time with your loved ones and resorts know that! Many resorts in the Maldives are very family-oriented and offer just the kind of family Maldives experience for all ages. And no doubt they’ll be armed and ready to deliver a tropical holiday you’ll cherish forever with Christmas trees, décor, and activities.

The kids’ll love it here.

It’s vital that the young ones get as much opportunity to stay active and have fun together. Many resorts have that covered with a Kids Club, activities, games, and water sports, meal plans for your picky eaters, and special pool parties for the festive season. So, put your worries aside – the kids’ll love it here!

Santa Claus is coming … to your island.

You’ve been really good this year (your very best!) and Santa knows it, but will Rudolph and the crew be able to take him to an island resort in the Maldives? Absolutely!

Santa travels all over the world, even the Maldives, and you’re sure to enjoy his grand entrance (via flyboarding, or jet-skiing, or even parasailing, who knows this year!) at various resorts across the country – with presents and goodies for everyone!

Here we come a-caroling.

No festive season is complete without the sounds and melodies of Christmas carols. Fear not: musical talent is widespread across the resorts in the Maldives and many of them will have carollers who have rehearsed and prepared a magical evening for you. Why not lend your voice and join in!

A festive feast to remember.

You can imagine the kind of delectable and inviting spreads that tropical resorts might have. Imagine no longer and prepare your belly for a festive feast to remember.

Resorts offer so many ways to make your meal memorable – from festive gala dinners, private dining on the beach or in the privacy of your own villa, beach parties, and delectable course menus at their finest outlets – you’ll have so many ways to indulge your inner foodie.

With the end of the year always comes the joyful new year, which means huge parties! And since this year is the turn of a new decade (Happy 2020!), make sure you check with your resort if they have any special themes so you know what outfit to bring!

It’s easy to stay festive in the Maldives when resorts have everything covered with their all-inclusive packages complemented by the many festive events and activities for the season. You could snorkel with whale sharks before Christmas eve, go diving on Christmas morning, or relax on the beach with your favourite cocktail before your New Year’s party (probably also on the beach).

So, don’t wait too long! Make this year’s festive holiday one to remember.

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